da Angelo Trigona – USA

From top left-clockwise: Marcello S.Trigona and G.E.Markland-Trigona, my grandparents,grandpa during wwII,don’t know where he was deployed,but i see palm trees!geared up USAC.he gave me his head gear and o2 mask when i was a boy unfortunately it dissapeard over the years.Granpa and great grandpa,pretty sure thats the bronx.Not sure aboutpeople in front of car,possibly great grandpa W/great aunt Santina?Young men in suites appear to be grandpa and my Dad Frank Trigona.Bottom right very hard to see ,but i believe my great grandparents Angelo nd Francesca(Battone)Trigona. Large photo of beautiful woman on left is my grandmother,Gladys Eileen Trigona.Center is my grandfather,not shure if h.s. or college graduation. I m pretty surehe went to college.I just got these photos yesterday.Thank you for endulging me.

This was my great grandfather,Angelo Roberto Trigona.b:Castrogiovani Feb18,1878.d:Bronx,ny 1963.

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